Innovation Fund

The Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research is committed to funding high-value, high-potential research projects with strong scientific merit and align with a core vision of ultimately transforming the care of children and adults with heart failure. 

Our Innovation Fund – comprising strategic grants and seed grants – guides the discovery and development of novel therapies and approaches to treating heart failure.

By supporting bench research, proof-of-concept development and the clinical assessment of new diagnostics, therapeutics and technologies, this fund plays a vital role in getting great ideas off the ground and enabling researchers to attract additional support and momentum for moving their innovations into the clinical and commercial spheres.

Leveraging the best technologies and methodologies available, awarded projects show the greatest translational potential. While they must involve at least 2 of the Centre’s 3 partner institutions, any partners worldwide may be co-applicants.

I) Seed Grants

OPEN NOW – 3rd Competition – 2023/2024

The Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research is excited to announce the opening of our third Innovation Fund, a Seed Grant for the 2023/2024 cycle. Seed Grants provide up to $100,000/year (renewable for one year) to support innovative research projects focused on transforming our understanding or approach to heart failure. Awardees share bold ideas for solving key challenges in heart failure.

This year the Centre is partnering with the Mitochondrial Innovation Initiative (MITO2i) to host a second seed grant of $100,000/year (renewable for one year) for projects that target mitochondrial disease, heart failure, and associated conditions.

Please see the documents below for more information on the competition, its eligibility criteria, and for a word document of the Letter of Interest Application Form.

Applications will be accepted online. Please click here to start your 2023/24 Innovation Fund Application.     Note: Each application is linked to one (1) account. We recommend electing a representative/primary applicant to create an account that can be shared across co-applicants.

If you have any questions about the Innovation Fund – Seed Grant, please email Purva Mehta (Coordinator, Planning and Operations) at

2018-19 Competition 

The Centre’s second Innovation Fund seed grant competition closed in spring 2019. 

Winning projects

LOIs received: 22
Applications invited: 8
Seed grants awarded: 3
Success rate: 14%


2015-16 Competition

The Centre’s first Innovation Fund seed grant competition launched in late October 2015, as a joint call with Medicine by Design. After the letter of intent stage, 15 applicants were selected to submit full applications. Of these, three seed grants were awarded in early 2016.

Winning projects

LOIs received: 43
Applications invited: 14
Seed grants awarded: 3
Success rate: 21%

II) Strategic Grants

The Strategic Grants competition, which began in 2018, provides funding of up to $1 million over 3 years for transformative research projects focused on discovery, development and implementation of next-generation approaches and therapies to address heart failure.

Winning projects

LOIs received: 16
Applications invited: 6
Strategic grants awarded: 2
Success rate: 33%

*** Development of intellectual property that has strong potential for commercialization in the domains defined here, is a key area of focus for the Innovation Fund grants.


In spring 2020, we opened a new funding opportunity for innovative, high priority research on the cardiovascular complications of COVID-19.

For this rapid funding opportunity, up to $500,000, projects were to focus on cardiovascular (CV) complications of COVID-19, examples of which may include innovations in: (i) identification of patients at high risk of developing CV related complications; (ii) early detection of CV complications in patients with COVID-19; (iii) prevention of CV related complications in patients with COVID-19; (iv) treatment or management of CV complications in patients with COVID-19 including longer term sequelae and follow up.

Winning projects