Tools & Resources

The Ted Rogers Centre aims the application of innovation by clinicians, researchers and people with lived heart failure experience. To help mobilize knowledge and drive change, we will update this page with new tools as they become available.

For Patients

An accessible reservoir of curated information on heart failure, designed to empower people with lived experience to better understand and manage their health or the health of a loved one.  Visit website

Get Involved

Our commitment to new research and breakthrough innovations is built on an equal partnership with those who understand the disease best. Learn more

Genetics of the Heart

Learn about DNA, heritable traits, genetic testing and more in videos developed by SickKids, the University of Utah and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Learn more

Cancer and the Heart

Effective at destroying cancer cells, chemotherapy can damage healthy cells – including those in the heart. Learn more about “cardiotoxicity”, what you can do, and what type of care is best employed to keep you safe. Learn more

Educational Events

From Q&A panels to expressive writing workshops, we host events focused on helping people with lived experience better manage their own heart health.
Learn more

For Clinicians

Measuring Strain

Using echocardiography to measure global longitudinal strain to see how a cancer patient’s heart muscle is changing before a decline in function occurs. Learn more

PRiMACY Calculator

The world’s first tool that predicts the five-year risk of sudden cardiac death in young patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, informing personalised care and use of ICDs. Learn more

EHMRG Calculator

Our unique Emergency Heart Failure Mortality Risk Grade tool helps clinicians better determine which patients can be safely discharged home and who must be admitted. Learn more

Remote Care Tools

Medly is a revolutionary remote management program that makes specialized heart failure care more accessible and keeps patients safe at home. Learn more

For Researchers

Access Biobanks

We fund two extensive biobanks at SickKids and UHN that can underpin the novel research ideas we need to combat heart failure. Learn more


This bioinformatics tool lets you assess whole genome and whole exome sequencing data, and better identify disease-causing variants. Learn more

Work With Us

We seek to develop new projects and innovations built on multidisciplinary collaborations, many of which involve other research centres. Learn more