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While we are mandated to develop new collaborations within our partner institutions – The Hospital for Sick Children, University Health Network and the University of Toronto – we welcome any innovative ideas and opportunities for collaboration that support our mission.

Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research hallway

The pursuit of that mission lies in multidisciplinary experts working together to develop new projects and innovations. To that end, our teams spread across genomics, AI, biosensor technologies, systems biology, congenital heart disease, clinical heart failure care, regenerative medicine, immunology, bioengineering, cardiac tissues and cellular systems, cardiotoxicity, virtual care, and more.

Why partner with us?

World-leading researchers: We are embedded in the health-care and tech hub of Toronto, and our teams work in globally recognized institutions. SickKids is one of the world’s top pediatric hospitals. UHN is Canada’s largest research hospital, with cardiology one of its prime foci. U of T is routinely among the world’s top universities for research.

Willingness to explore bold ideas: Our Centre is devoted to entirely novel innovations. We conduct and fund research projects that carry the greatest likelihood to translate into clinical practice. Our leadership and advisors ensure we are advancing at all times, testing the true limits of potential for new ideas.

Collaborative mentality: Partners gain access to the powers of collaboration and simultaneous expertise in genetics, stem cells and regenerative medicine, and advanced clinical innovations in cardiovascular care. This tandem approach generates rare and promising opportunities for industry.

Robert Hamilton lab

Focus on translation: We understand that IP stemming from basic or academic research often requires further refinement in order to interest potential investors or companies. Our structure, including a Translation and Commercialization Committee, is designed to bring real products to market.

Potential impact: The Centre’s prime focus is heart failure, one of the world’s most challenging and widespread chronic diseases. Our partners have the opportunity to make meaningful change in the lives of 1 million Canadians with heart failure, and well beyond.

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