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3D models of heart failure… stiffened hearts in diabetes…. saving infant lives

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After a heart attack, this peptide protects the heart from further injury

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Welcome to one of the world’s only research bodies that blends multidisciplinary experts from three major partner institutions focused on solving a single disease across the lifespan.

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Our Centre takes revolutionary new approaches in studying heart failure and pursuing individualized care for all, committed to improving heart health for children and adults. Learn more

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A multidisciplinary team pursues “the promise of a healthy heart” after a record donation unites three world-class institutions. Learn more

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Our deep, diverse members across labs and clinics are led by our Executive Committee with guidance by internationally renowned experts. Learn more

Why Heart Failure

One of the world’s most burdensome and challenging chronic diseases – and leading causes of mortality – affects more than 1 million Canadians and costs the system over $3 billion a year. Learn more


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