The Ted Rogers Centre’s mission is to transform and dramatically improve the future of heart health for children, adults and families across Canada and around the world, through an integrated program of outstanding research, education, and clinical care.

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I) To provide the world with new diagnoses, treatments, and tools to help people prevent, manage, and survive the devastating consequences of heart failure.

II) To provide global leadership in the cardiac field and be a magnet for research and clinical talent.

Programs and Objectives

Eight new chairs, several new facilities, and specific programmatic thrusts in regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, systems biology, genomic medicine, patient home monitoring, biobanking, and an integrated set of clinical databases (among other initiatives) will be funded, and defined metrics are used to assess progress and alignment with five core objectives:

  • Improved heart failure management
  • Revolutionary scientific advances
  • Global leadership
  • World-class talent
  • Financial sustainability

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Education and Training

The Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research is dedicated to supporting aspiring investigators and future scientists. Within each program of the Centre, students and fellows not only receive hands-on experience in a multitude of research projects, but fill an important role in driving our mission.

The Centre is also committed to funding novel ideas from emerging researchers. In place is an Education Fund that supports advanced projects that relate to heart failure and which demonstrate collaborations between the three partners: SickKids, University Health Network and the University of Toronto.

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