Programs & Initiatives

Our multidisciplinary teams work in tandem to target the factors that contribute to heart failure, innovations that drive person-centred medicine, avenues to deliver quality care everywhere, and commercialization of new technology.

Investigating Heart Failure

Translational Biology and Engineering Program (TBEP)

This world-class centre for discovery and innovation blends engineering and medicine. Here, diverse teams decipher the genetic, molecular, and cellular mechanisms that underpin heart failure and regeneration. Learn more


Driven by patients and families willing to support research, our two funded biobanks are rich repositories through which investigators can achieve promising new studies. Learn more

Personalized Medicine

Cardiac Precision Medicine Program

We seek to unravel the unique genome of every child with heart disease/failure in an effort to deliver precision and timely care, prevent complications, and improve outcomes. Learn more

Cardiac Genome Clinic

Thank you to the 500 families who have participated in our program that investigates the genetic causes of heart failure in fetuses, children and adults. Learn more

Data Science & Machine Learning

Our Centre is driving a trio of advanced data-driven initiatives that are transforming heart failure research and personalized care now and into the future. Learn more

Cardiotoxicity Prevention

Through unique research efforts, innovations, and expert clinical care, we protect patients at risk or experiencing heart complications from cancer therapy. Learn more

Equitable Access to Care

A community of engineers, scientists and clinicians work with Indigenous health experts and patients to develop point-of-care diagnostics, wearables, and AI technologies to keep people with heart failure safe at home. Visit website

Digital Health

To enable equitable access to high-quality heart failure care, we co-create precise, predictive digital health solutions with patients and caregivers. Learn more

Comprehensive Program in Heart Function

Inside Canada’s leading centre of excellence in heart function, we deploy a team-based model of care that bolsters clinical outcomes, patient education, quality of life, research and education. Learn more

Translating Innovation

Translating Innovation

We not only invest in research but are committed to translating discoveries so that they can be used in practice, through a system of patient and caregiver empowerment, knowledge mobilization and commercialization. Learn more

Health System & Technology Evaluation

For new health care technologies in hospital and home environments, we evaluate their usability, effectiveness, ethical and economic impacts, as well as if they meet the needs of patients themselves. Learn more

HF Quality & Outcomes

We integrate quality improvement concepts in all settings to improve care, and pursue world-leading outcomes research designed to reduce hospitalizations and deaths caused by heart failure. Learn more