Cardiac Genome Clinic

Our Cardiac Genome Clinic investigates the genetic causes of heart failure in both children and adults. As one of the world’s only such genome clinics to focus on adults and children, we use whole genome sequencing to help identify the cause, formulate appropriate treatment options and optimize the management of the patient and their family members with, or at risk of, heart failure.

Using the principals of the Genome Clinic at SickKids, experts at the Cardiac Genome Clinic are developing whole genome diagnostic testing and pharmacogenetic profiling of patients with or at risk for heart failure.

We are creating patient and clinician-friendly practice models to facilitate the integration of genomic medicine into clinical practice. The Cardiac Genome Clinic also aims to analyze the psychological, social and economic impact of genetic medicine on the cardiac patient population.

Genetics of the heart: resources for families

A multidisciplinary team of medical geneticists, genetic counsellors, bioinformaticians, health economists, and ethicists will address many of the challenges of integrating  genomic medicine into clinical practice – ranging from the development of new bioinformatics tools for the clinical assessment of genomic variants and the discovery of disease genes to health policy inquiries, the assessment of clinical care models and the management of the return of both primary and secondary results of whole genome sequencing.

Any prospective or current patients and families may reach out to the Cardiac Genome Clinic team anytime at The team oversees two interconnected programs: