This blood test is 100% accurate in identifying a hard-to-diagnose cardiac disease

GeneticsJune 17, 2020

Up to 90% of cases are undiagnosed because ECGs and genetic testing aren’t sensitive enough. Its first sign is often sudden cardiac death.

Considering sex and gender for heart failure readmissions

Heart Failure CareMay 24, 2020

We must tailor research and care accordingly

New tool to help doctors better prevent sudden cardiac death in children

GeneticsMay 18, 2020

Risk calculator is a ‘much-needed’ precision strategy

COVID-19 Research Funding Opportunity

Special AlertApril 21, 2020

Addressing a pressing need in health research

Heart failure app keeps patients safe amidst COVID-19

Heart Failure CareApril 8, 2020

Medly cuts re-hospitalizations for heart failure by 50%

COVID-19 and the heart: resources

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Updated list of clinical resources and information

Engineering MedicineFebruary 25, 2020

New study: protein REEP5 plays critical role in the heart

How genomic research can impact families in real-time

GeneticsFebruary 12, 2020

Direct translation from research to clinic

Inside a damaged heart cell, we see how proteins reorganize and contribute to cardiac hypertrophy

Engineering MedicineFebruary 6, 2020

World-class labs collaborate to find new answers

First-ever expressive writing workshop for people with heart failure

Patient ZoneJanuary 28, 2020

All welcome to attend Feb. 19th workshop in Toronto

Predicting heart risk before treatment for breast cancer

ComorbidityJanuary 14, 2020

Unique new model to empower patients, assist physicians

Happy New Year

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The turn of the decade promises to be an important one

A heart ‘plug’ that could save thousands of lives

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The first device to stop a bleeding heart