Today, the Ted Rogers Centre turns four years old.

On Nov. 20, 2014, the largest gift in Canadian health-care history was announced, and our promise of a healthy heart was born. The Rogers family gift is a testament to Ted Rogers’ drive for innovation and commitment to leaving the world a better place. Ted passed away from heart failure — a disease of epidemic proportions that is the focus of our Centre — in 2008 at the age of 75.

Four years ago there was no precision medicine program to better understand the genetic basis of heart failure in specific patient populations… no cardiac genome project to sequence genomes of entire families who live with the disease… no integrated research labs dedicated to translating engineering science into regenerative techniques for restoring a heart’s function… no major annual event that united such a diverse group of experts and trainees toward one goal… no mobile health platforms that provide seamless monitoring and transfer of care for patients with heart failure… and no dedicated, technology-driven efforts to keep people with heart failure out of hospital and safe.

While it took time to get such collaborative work underway, the Ted Rogers Centre is now poised for dramatic breakthroughs in many areas. We can’t wait to unveil the results in coming months and years and provide patients and families with ever more reasons for hope.