Writing the Heart: Virtual Workshops

The Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research invites any Canadian living with heart failure or heart disease, as well as heart transplant recipients, to join our virtual expressive writing workshops.

Being diagnosed with heart failure or disease can make you feel as if your world has turned upside down. Powerful emotions come with the diagnosis: fear, anger, sadness, loss—often difficult to express. Writing has been shown to have emotional and physiological benefits to those dealing with life-threatening or chronic conditions, hardship, or trauma.

Facilitated by Sharon Bray, Ed.D., author, educator and heart failure patient, the Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research is hosting two virtual workshops where you can learn Join to learn why, and how, writing can be healing, whether you write alone or with others.

“As patients, I think we learn a lot from each other,” Sharon says. “The workshops build an extraordinary community through story. People realize they’re not alone.”

Writing the Heart: Workshop Series – March/April 2022

Sharon will conduct each virtual 90-minute session of this six-part series in an atmosphere of safety and support with the same participants each week. Sharon will guide the group with specific writing prompts, with time allocated for writing and reflection, as well as sharing of your writing. 

Group participants will be encouraged to practice deep active listening and offer supportive feedback on the writing shared. This expressive writing series is led by an experienced facilitator and allows participants to write in a supportive environment of a community of people with lived experience of heart disease. 

Note: Registration has now passed