Below please find FAQs regarding the operation and development of the Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research. Please send us questions any time to communication@trchr.ca and we will respond within two business days.

Who runs the Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research?

This Centre is a collaborative venture between medical and scientific experts in complementary fields at its three partner institutions: The Hospital for Sick Children, University Health Network and the University of Toronto. Each institution has at least one scientific lead connected to the Centre, whose overall vision is guided by an executive director and approved by a committee made up by the presidents of each institution as well as honorary patron Mrs. Loretta Rogers.

Why the name?

The Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research was enabled by an unprecedented gift of $130 million from the Rogers family, who sought to leave a significant legacy for Ted Rogers – who died of heart failure. This is the largest private gift in the history of Canadian health-care. Equipped with this incredible philanthropic effort, the Centre’s was then jointly conceived by its three partner organizations: The Hospital for Sick Children, University Health Network, and the University of Toronto. Together, they committed an additional $139 million toward the Centre – representing a $270 million investment toward cardiovascular research and care. For more, visit The Gift.

Any relation to Rogers Communications or other entities with the Rogers name?

The Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research is not affiliated with Rogers Communications or any other structure (ex. Rogers Centre) or institution (ex. Ted Rogers School of Business) bearing the Rogers name. Currently existing chairs and programs at the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre that bear the Ted Rogers name now fall within the overall Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research.

Where is your research focused?

The Centre brings together leading experts in the areas of personalized medicine, genetics, stem cells, tissue engineering and cardiovascular care to redefine cardiac treatment for the 21st century. Ultimately, it is focused on basic science, translational and clinical research, innovation, and education in regenerative medicine, genomics, and the clinical care of children and adults. At the core of these efforts is heart failure.

How does the funding work?

The Rogers family gift has been allocated across the three partner institutions’ foci of excellence and the Centre’s own Directorate. The gift directed $32 million toward the Precision Medicine program at SickKids, $42.5 million toward the Integrated Program for Excellence in Heart Function at UHN and $32 million toward U of T’s Translational Biology and Engineering Program. The partners matching funds include $33 million from SickKids, $70 million from UHN, and $35 million from U of T. While most funds are expendable, approximately 15% are endowed.

Does the Centre itself fund research proposals?

Via an Innovation Fund and Education Fund, the Centre’s Directorate can directly fund breakthrough research proposals tailored toward its mission of improving the management of heart failure. The Innovation Fund includes seed grants and larger strategic awards and the Education Fund provides studentships in basic and applied sciences, engineering and clinical health sciences at all levels of education.

Who is eligible for the Education Awards?

Trainees currently enrolled full time in a doctoral degree program or post-doctoral research fellowship program – with either an MD or PhD as previous doctorate degree – are eligible. Their cardiovascular research must focus in some aspect on heart failure, and the supervisor must be affiliated with one or more of the Centre’s partners. Any proposed project must involve collaboration with at least two institutional partners. For more information, visit our Education Fund page.

Where is the Centre, physically?

The Centre physically exists in a row along University Avenue in Toronto, in lab and clinic spaces within SickKids’ Labatt Family Heart Centre, UHN’s Peter Munk Cardiac Centre, and the University of Toronto’s new research space at 661 University Avenue (where the Directorate’s office also resides.) For more, visit Contact Us.

Can I collaborate with the Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research?

The Centre is always open to any external research proposals that align with its mission. For more, visit Work With Us.

How does one present at the Ted Rogers for Heart Research’s annual symposium?

We encourage you to contact the Centre at communications@trchr.ca.