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This video explores the Ted Rogers Centre’s cardiotoxicity prevention program, led by Dr. Dinesh Thavendiranathan who is a cardiologist at the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre.

When someone has cancer, the focus must be on managing that disease. Among oncologists, Dr. Thavendiranathan believes that opinions vary about how significant an issue cardiotoxicity is. Their attention is applied exactly where it needs to be, yet what often is lost in exchanges between oncologists and their patients is an honest assessment of the potential long-term side effects of chemotherapy.

“That’s where we come in to provide additional support,” says Dr. Thavendiranathan. “We know patients are worried about cancer, and now they have to worry about cardiovascular complications. We know this is a sensitive area. As cardiologists, we want not to alarm patients but rather be partners in their care, to help complete their cancer therapy.”

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