Innovation Fund

Our Innovation Fund guides the discovery and development of novel therapies and approaches to treating heart failure. It includes both strategic grants and seed grants — see below for more, including any current competitions.

By supporting bench research, proof-of-concept development and the clinical assessment of new diagnostics, therapeutics and technologies, this fund plays a vital role in getting great ideas off the ground and enabling our researchers to attract additional support and momentum for moving their innovations into the clinical and commercial spheres.

Investigators must demonstrate they are leveraging and developing the very best ideas, technologies and methodologies available. Awarded projects have the greatest potential to transform cardiac care, and involve at least 2 of the Centre’s 3 partner institutions. (Any partners worldwide may be co-applicants.)

I) Strategic Grants

The Strategic Grants competition provides funding of up to $1 million over 3 years for transformative research projects focused on discovery, development and implementation of next-generation approaches and therapies to address heart failure. This competition involves a Letter of Intent (LOI) followed by invited applications.  The LOI stage is now closed.

Download:  Letter of Intent form  / Strategic Grant FAQs

Collaboration: Eligible projects must represent a bona fide collaboration with at least 2 of 3 of the Centre’s partners: The Hospital for Sick Children, University Health Network, University of Toronto.

Contact: Linda Donovan, Planning & Operations Manager:

II) Seed Grants

The Centre’s first Innovation Fund seed grant competition launched in late October 2015, as a joint call with Medicine by Design. After the letter of intent stage, 15 applicants were selected to submit full applications. Of these, three seed grants were awarded in early 2016.

Winning projects

LOIs received: 43
Applications invited: 14
Seed grants awarded: 3
Success rate: 21%

*** Development of intellectual property that has strong potential for commercialization in the domains defined here, is a key area of focus for the Innovation Fund grants.