Learning Objectives

Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research Heart Failure Symposium December 10-11, 2021, Virtual

These learning objectives are set for the program on Saturday, Dec. 11th.

“This one-credit-per-hour Group Learning program has been certified by the College of Family Physicians of Canada and the Ontario Chapter for up to 4.0 Mainpro+ credits.”

Learning Objectives: Full Program

At conclusion of this session, participants will be better able to:

  • Describe the updated standard of care for heart failure patients – and apply new evidence-based approaches to practice
  • Interpret and prescribe newer and existing therapies to a broad spectrum of patients with heart failure
  • Differentiate the impact of cultures and lived experiences on patients with heart failure and assess more individualized approaches to care
  • Determine a holistic approach to heart failure care and self-management that involves new and emerging health technologies
  • Apply and develop a framework for managing patients with advanced heart failure as well as complex conditions

Learning Objectives: Individual Presentations

The following presentations and their learning objectives are presented in chronological order.

New standard of care for HFrEF: Key takeaways in primary care

  • Recognize key changes in the management of heart failure patients with reduced ejection fraction
  • Apply updated standard of care in the medical management of heart failure with reduced ejection fraction

Emerging therapies for HFpEF

  • Assess novel treatments for heart failure patients with preserved ejection fraction
  • Identify patients appropriate for SGLT2-inhibitors in heart failure

Bridging the gap: Evidence to practice

  • Describe evidence-based treatment gaps and opportunities in patients with heart failure
  • Develop an approach to enhancing the uptake of guideline-directed medical therapies

Culturally sensitive heart failure care

  • Interpret the impact of different cultural backgrounds on the management of heart failure
  • Apply personalized heart failure care according to each patient’s cultural experience

Indigenous heart health: a call to action

  • Contrast how an Indigenous person’s experience with heart disease differs
  • Integrate into practice a lens on Indigenous heart health and their perspectives on care

Managing common comorbidities: a focus on diabetes, CKD, atrial fibrillation

  • Describe the prevalence and impact of common comorbidities in HF patients
  • Develop an approach to managing comorbidities in the setting of heart failure

Advanced heart failure: a focus on comfort and kindness

  • Identify patients who would benefit from palliative care assessments
  • Appraise the benefits of palliative and comfort care in patients with advanced HF

Nurse-led initiatives in heart failure care

  • Describe emerging opportunities for nurse interventions in heart failure
  • Integrate a strategy for remote patient monitoring and virtual care

Practical recommendations for diet and exercise in HF

  • Recognize the benefits of nutrition and exercise prescriptions in heart failure
  • Develop an approach to providing lifestyle interventions for a patient

The latest on wearable technology in HF 

  • Discuss the potential benefits for wearable technologies in heart failure
  • Describe how patients can practice greater self-care driven by research on what innovations exists today and what are coming