Executive Director

Mansoor Husain

Mansoor Husain

Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research: Executive Director
University of Toronto: Professor of Medicine, Physiology and Laboratory Medicine
Toronto General Hospital: Attending Physician, Cardiac Intensive Care Unit
University Health Network: Attending Physician, Nuclear Cardiology Laboratories

A specialist in cardiovascular disease and nuclear cardiology, Dr. Mansoor Husain leads the vision for the Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research as its first executive director.

Dr. Husain’s extensive research focuses on elucidating the molecular bases of cardiovascular diseases – including diabetes and heart failure – and identifying therapeutic targets involved in pathophysiology. A Heart & Stroke Foundation “career investigator” and Hypertension Canada “senior investigator,” he has been recognized by research prizes from the Clinical Research Society of Toronto, the University of Toronto, the University of Manitoba, and the Ontario Premier’s Research Excellence Award.

He has developed several bench discoveries with translational potential and holds three distinct therapeutic patents, one of which licensed by a Canadian biopharmaceutical company. In addition, Dr. Husain co-leads a Phase-IIb randomized placebo-controlled multi-centre clinical trial of a new cardiac application of a commercially available diabetes drug that is based on a concept developed in his laboratory.

Dr. Husain has chaired peer-review panels at the Heart & Stroke Foundation and Canadian Institutes for Health Research, and is a frequent invited lecturer at major international conferences in his fields of research. His past affiliations include leadership positions at the Toronto General Hospital Research Institute, the Heart & Stroke/Richard Lewar Centre of Excellence, and Hypertension Canada.

Studying medicine at the University of Alberta, Dr. Husain was awarded a gold medal for outstanding merit in 1986. After residencies in internal medicine and cardiology at the University of Toronto, Dr. Husain undertook postdoctoral studies in the department of biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1993-1997), and the joint program in nuclear medicine at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Husain returned to the University of Toronto in 1997.