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Principal investigator in our Centre’s Translational Biology and Engineering Program (TBEP), Paul Santerre has not been hiding from the news lately.

In March 2018, he earned a President’s Impact Award from the University of Toronto. In February, he was appointed Baxter Chair of Health Technology & Commercialization. Also in February, the Santerre lab’s cardiac patch project was among a handful of projects to receive new federal funding for collaborative health research projects.

Rewind back to last summer, and Paul earned an Entrepreneurship Medal from the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers. This came shortly after Paul was named one of six Canadians to receive a prestigious Governor General’s Innovation Award.

In this latest Cardiac Connections video, we ask Paul about his research (polymer synthesis, biomaterials, tissue engineering,  drug delivery), the nature of TBEP, and the pace of change enabled by the Ted Rogers Centre ecosystem.