Education Fund FAQs

1. Who is eligible for these awards?

  • Trainees enrolled in a doctoral degree program, or postdoctoral research fellowship program, irrespective of whether the previous doctorate degree was an MD or PhD.
  • Trainees involved in cardiovascular research focusing on some aspect of heart failure. This may be broadly interpreted and may include diverse fields of science, medicine, nursing, engineering, public health, etc.
  • The proposed project involves collaboration with at least 2 of 3 TRCHR partner organizations: SickKids, UHN, U of T.
  • Trainees with a supervisor affiliated with one or more of the partner organizations including other UofT-affiliated academic health science centres, hospitals or research centres.

2. What about those with post MD research training (ex. not post PhD, but post MD)?

Yes, these trainees are eligible, see first bullet above.

3. Do I need to include my supervisor’s CV?

Yes, please include your supervisor’s common CV or NIH biosketch (previous five years only) with your application.

4. Are reference letters required?


5. Who are academic transcripts to be sent to?

Please submit your academic transcripts with your application. These do not need to be sent directly by the granting institution.

6. I received another award of $50,000/year, am I eligible for this award?

No. The TRCHR would welcome your participation in its activities and learning opportunities, however, the size of your current award would preclude you from receiving a top up.

7. If I received CIHR funding of $17,500 for the school year, am I eligible?

Depending on the terms and amounts of your award(s), you may be eligible for a supplement or top up from the TRCHR.

8. My supervisor is associated with one of the TRCHR partner institutes, and my project is cardiac/heart failure focused, but my supervisor’s research is not cardiac/heart failure focused. Am I eligible?

Yes. Your supervisor does not need to be a cardiac researcher. As long as your work is aligned with the mission and objectives of the TRCHR and conforms with 1b and 1c above, your project is eligible.

9. I am a specialist at a Toronto teaching hospital, currently doing my PhD outside of Canada. Am I eligible?

Yes, however, these applications will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Please be aware that the TRCHR has a cardiovascular focus, specifically related to heart failure. Also note that research studies are to involve some level of collaboration with TRCHR partners.

10. How many trainees per supervisor?

One trainee per supervisor per cycle across both PhD and PDF levels and across all applicants (ex. new applicants and those being renewed). A supervisor may be named as a collaborator on more than one application, but can only serve as supervisor for one trainee.

11. Am I eligible for funding for the 5th year of my PhD?


12. Are there any opportunities for new/early career investigators, either salary awards or research grants?

The Education Fund is set up to provide trainee awards only.

13. How many awards are being provided per level?

The number of awards will depend on the quality of the applications received at each level. In the initial competition, three doctoral awards and five postdoctoral fellowship awards were funded. Please note that these trainees are eligible to reapply for a second year of funding.