COVID-19 and the heart: resources

To help spread awareness of important information as it unfolds regarding the COVID-19 crisis and how it impacts cardiovascular health and the lives of people with heart disease, we will update this list of resources here.

Cardiovascular medications and the heart: This quick report from the CCS and Canadian Heart Failure Society addresses concerns around use of certain heart meds and anti-inflammatory drugs as it relates to COVID-19. For patients and clinicians.

Community care for heart patients during pandemic: The CCS has issued this guidance for community cardiologists toward pre-emptive care that will limit their patients’ trips to the hospital, direct patients to specialized care, and reduce the burden on family physicians.

Clinical guidance for cardiovascular care team: A bulletin from the American College of Cardiology gives guidance to clinicians.

Cardiac interventions during the pandemic: The Canadian Association of Interventional Cardiology explores precautions and procedures for coronary and structural cardiac interventions in this report.

European Society of Cardiology resources: Videos, stories, resources and recommendations from the ESC for clinicians.

American Heart Association resources: Information for patients and health-care professionals from the AHA regarding COVID-19.

American College of Cardiology resources: The ACC has set up a hub for clinical guidance during regarding COVID-19.

Studies of note

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